Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pirate Equipment List

5 ton truck with lift gate & hitch, Fully packed Taco Cart with hardware and flags, 4x4 cart with bounce, bead boards, 4x4 floppies, gels, speedrail, speedrail fittings, apple boxes, skateboard dolly with track, Combo stands, low boy combos, 20 C-stands on cart, Mombo Combos, Hi Hi Rollers, baby stands, 20x20 frames & rags, 12x12 frames & rags, 8x8 frames & rags, 6x6 frames & rags, lumber, dancefloor, car mounts, leveling head, cheese plate, vacuum cups, shiney & mirror boards, rigging hardware, 12 ft ladder, 10 ft ladder, 6 ft ladder, 4 ft ladder, misc tools, air compressor and air tools, rope, expendables available, sand bags & shot bags on cart, foam core

20K, 12K HMI, two 4K HMIs, 1200 HMI Par, Five 2Ks, 1Ks, Four 1K parcans, 750 elipsodal, 500W, Kinos, Diva,
mini Flos, four 200W mini Moles, stinger cart, practical bulbs, cable cart

600 Amp Genny short box truck with hitch, 3 phase, 400 ft banded, 125 ft 100 amp bates, 100 ft 60 amp bates, cam-lok accessories, distro box, 2K put-put

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